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  • Privacy
    The only thing which has not changed is our assurance towards your privacy. We have inducted the new global requirements in our policy and we have reorganized our Privacy Policy for easy reading. How we gather, use, distribute, and protect your data has all been outlined in the new policy along with expansion of Region/Country-Specific disclosures.

    Transparency & Choice
    With WI GROUP, you have the option of how you share, what you share and when you share your personal information or data. Our aim is that you easily understand your rights & our obligation towards you. For this, we have tried to explain everything in layman’s terms throughout all our policies.

    Future View
    We strongly agree that you can always ask us to stop and have a complete control over your personal data. We will be making some changes in next few months in our Privacy Policy and how you interact with tools on our website. This will give you the options on providing your consent for collection, usage and distribution of your personal data.